the graphic design portfolio of [david m alvarez]



so far, you know i like (and do) graphic design, and apparently have the handwrittng of a 1st grader who gets B-'s in writing class tests, but what else can i say about myself on a page designated for stuff all about... well, me? honestly i'm not one who likes to speak of himself because i like to let my website speak for itself, but because i set aside a whole page for this sort of thing, and i know you don't want to be bored with my whole "life story", i'll let you know these things instead:

what got me into graphic design was actually making "book reports" back in elementary school. i was that kid who would spend his full efforts creating a nice, appealing book report cover rather than actually writing a well composed report. if i wasn't a graphic designer, i'd be a video game programmer... that, or plan to take over the world (but we all learn that never works out because there's always "super heroes" who would "save the day"... sigh). yes i am latino as my name implies, but i'm the very few who actually don't speak spanish. aside from collecting screen printed goodness, my current obsession includes plaid shirts... i'd still wear one even if it's 90 degrees outside. and finally, a slightly interesting fact about myself: the conjunctiva part of my left eye ball has a bit of pigment dis-coloration... i pretty much have a small splash of brown in that area. i guess that's why brown is my favorite color.

[credits] dma graphic design portfolio, version 1.0 (non-beta!): this website was created from scratch by me. it was coded in html & css, as well as utilizing adobe dreamweaver cs5 plus related software, and many cups of coffee to stay awake late nights.   [resume] you can download a interactive web version of my resume below in pdf format (open in adobe acrobat, adobe reader or preview to enable clickable elements). this resume is currently outdated and a recent version of the resume will be uploaded soon.   [contact] feel free to contact me at or click the link below. any questions, comments, complaints, or whatever can be answered by me through there. i will reply at least within 1-2 business day.

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